Language holiday in Ikaria

A review and photos from Kirsten This September I started learning Greek on Ikaria. Picked up by car in Evdilos by Mihalis, the head of the Ikaria language center, the route continues through mountain villages on a dusty road to the center. Before we turn in there is a beautiful view of the sea [...]

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Emigrating: The happiness of simplicity

A report on emigrating from Anna Avramidis The beauty often lies in simplicity, for example in laying a mandala on the beach, as my son Leander does here. I clearly remember a Friday evening two months ago when I arrived in the small village of Gialiskari on the Greek island of Ikaria with my [...]

Emigrating: The happiness of simplicity2024-04-06T15:50:17+02:00

Island stories: The crisis has many faces – one year later…

Prose, partly funny, partly profound about our everyday life in Ikaria, the island of centenarians, about the intertwining of relationships, about the happiness, love and the unshakable joy of life of these people. I've written a whole series of little island stories. You can find the links below. [...]

Island stories: The crisis has many faces – one year later…2024-04-07T19:28:51+02:00

Time out in Ikaria: About two who dared…

We dared! No no. I don't mean the number with the yes word, 19 years ago on that wonderful, sunny, clear autumn day in front of the Hamburg-Altona registry office. No, we're talking about April 7, 2012, when we set off on the journey to Greece in the old Opel [...]

Time out in Ikaria: About two who dared…2024-04-08T03:31:15+02:00
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