The island of free spirits

Welcome to my personal Ikaria blog! I’ll tell you my travel and vacation tips and a lot about emigrating and island life. I am Swiss-Greek and live in Ikaria all year round with my Greek family.

I am not a travel agent and I do not rent anything. I’m just opening a door to paradise for you :-)

Ursula Kastanias @ Raches – Ikaria – Griechenland

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Ikaria Blue Zones

Ikaria – The island of the centenarians

Ikaria is considered an absolute insider tip and is considered a phenomenon among Greeks and tourists alike. Ikaria is the cozy, unadulterated Greece of the 1970s. The people are simple, open and warm.

Certainly Ikaria’s fame has something to do with the way of life of its residents, who have banned the word “stress” from their vocabulary. A life in the here and now. The Ikarians have the distinctive ability to be content with very little and to enjoy life to the fullest, despite all its difficulties and hardships. The art of minimalism! Be happy with little.

Ikaria is one of the famous Blue Zones, places where people live particularly long and fulfilling lives, something that we are all looking for!

Ikaria is a place of longing. A place to slow down where people savor and enjoy life to the last drop. Dive into the lightness of being, away from materialism and consumerism, back to nature and people, to music, to liveliness and to joy.

Many even say that this is the perfect place to find the meaning of life…

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Still looking for the right hotel?


Here you will find an overview of the best accommodations. Also read my article about hotels and guesthouses. Do you prefer peace and more space? Would you rather have a holiday apartment or even an entire holiday home? Read my article on villas, holiday homes and bungalows

Being mobile is everything!

Die Insel entdecken

Ikaria is very spacious and there is no public transport. Even if you have the wanderlust and the joy of bouldering, not everything can be done on foot and you will miss the most beautiful Blue Zones hikes or excursion destinations such as the Onufrios monastery or the beach at Seichelles. So I definitely recommend a rental car at least temporarily. Ikaria’s nature is simply indescribable! To discover the most beautiful places in the Icarian wilderness, you have to set out. You can find the best hiking and road maps here.

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